CoverGrip™ Coverslip Sealant - 15 mL
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    CoverGrip™ Coverslip Sealant is the first product specifically designed for sealing the edges of wet-mounted coverslips for fluorescence microscopy. Unlike nail polish, CoverGrip™  contains no ingredients that can leach into aqueous mounting medium and affect specimen fluorescence.

    • Seals the edges of wet-mounted coverslips for fluorescence microscopy
    • Dries hard and clear
    • Less damaging to samples than nail polish
    • Won’t leach into aqueous mounting medium and affect fluorescence
    • Contains d-limonene

    CoverGrip™ is made with d-limonene, a natural, environmentally-friendly solvent with a pleasant citrus aroma, and dries to form a clear, hard, durable seal along the edges of the coverslip. Available in 15 mL brush-cap applicator bottles or in 100 mL dropper-cap refill bottles. CoverGrip™ is designed to replace nail polish for permanent sealing of wet-mounted coverslips. It can be removed by soaking slides in buffer (see product information sheet for details). However, it is not designed to be a removable temporary seal for hybridization, for example.


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