OxiSelect™ AOPP Assay Kit - 200 assays


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    OxiSelect™ AOPP Assay Kit - 200 assays

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    Advanced Oxidation Protein Products (AOPP) are uremic toxins created during oxidative stress through the reaction of plasma proteins with chlorinated oxidants such as chloramines or hypochlorous acid. AOPP levels are elevated in patients with renal complications, diabetes mellitus, and atherosclerosis, as well as HIV-positive patients.

    Our OxiSelect™ AOPP Assay Kit provides a convenient method to assess oxidative stress. The kit includes a Chloramine standard and an AOPP Human Serum Albumin conjugate for use as a positive control.

    OxiSelect™ AOPP Assay Kit - 200 assays

    Chloramine Standard Curve Generated with the OxiSelect™ AOPP Assay Kit.

    OxiSelect™ AOPP Assay Kit - 200 assays AOPP-HSA Positive Control. Positive control and untreated HSA were both prepared at a concentration of 100 µM and tested according to the assay protocol.