(EC-833) SequaGel UreaGel 19:1 Denaturing Gel System - 1L

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    • Casts 19:1 Denaturing Gels up to 20% Monomer
    • Certified RNase and DNase Free
    • Consistently Crystal Clear Gels
    • Twelve Month Shelf Life at Room Temperature

    The UreaGel System consists of UreaGel Concentrate, UreaGel Diluent, and UreaGel Buffer. This system provides a convenient, dependable means for researchers to prepare gels of varying percentage. With the UreaGel System, the researcher readily prepares any commonly used gel formulation up to 20% monomer (19:1 acrylamide: bisacrylamide). Liter bottles of UreaGel Concentrate contain 237.5 grams of acrylamide, 12.5 grams of methylene bisacrylamide, and 7.5M urea in a deionized aqueous solution. UreaGel Diluent is supplied in 450 ml and 1-liter bottles containing 7.5M urea in deionized water. UreaGel Buffer is supplied in 100 ml and 200 ml bottles containing 0.89M tris-borate-20mM EDTA buffer pH 8.3 (10X TBE) and 7.5M urea.Storage: UreaGel Concentrate, UreaGel Diluent, and UreaGel Buffer are stable for one year when stored tightly capped, in a dark area at room temperature (20°C).