Mouse Anti-SSA/Ro52 (TRIM21/RNF81) IgG Quantitative ELISA Kit - 96 wells plate
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    The Mouse Anti-SSA/Ro52 IgG ELISA Kit is an immunoassay suitable for quantifying or titering IgG specific for SSA/Ro52 antigens in serum or plasma. Other biological fluids, including tissue culture medium, may be validated for use. This assay is for research use only (RUO), not for diagnosis, cure or prevention of the disease.

    Antibodies reactive with autologous nuclear components, such as DNA and histones, can represent an autoimmune basis for pathological conditions such as systemic lupus erythematosis (SLE) in humans, and in mice homozygous for the lymphoproliferation spontaneous mutation (Faslpr), a systemic autoimmunity with massive lymphadenopathy associated with proliferation of aberrant T cells, arthritis and immune complex glomerulonephritis. Elevated levels of anti-nuclear antibodies (ANA) include antibodies to the SSA/Ro antigen, an association containing RNA and a 60 kDa and a 52 kDa protein. The 60 kDa protein is RNA-binding and a major target of the immune response in patients suffering from SLE and Sjogren’s syndrome (thus, SSA), although the RNA is not required for SSA antigenicity. The 52 kDa protein is not directly bound to RNA but to the 60 kDa protein.