pNPP Phosphatase Assay Kit - 500 assays
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    • For quantitative determination of phosphatase enzyme activity.

    Key Features

    • High sensitivity and wide linear range. The detection limit is generally 3 ng phosphatase or below.
    • Homogeneous and simple procedure. No wash or reagent transfer steps are involved. The assay can be completed within 30 minutes.
    • Robust and amenable to HTS. All reagents are compatible with high-throughput liquid handling instruments.


    • OD405nm


    • Protein phosphatases


    • All


    • 30 min


    • 500 tests

    Detection Limit

    • 3 ng

    Shelf Life

    • 12 months

    More Details

    • p-nitrophenyl phosphate (pNPP) is a chromogenic substrate for most phosphatases such as alkaline phosphatases, acid phosphatases, protein tyrosine phosphatases and serine/threonine phosphatases. The reaction yields para-nitrophenol, which becomes an intense yellow soluble product under alkaline conditions and can be conveniently measured at 405 nm on a spectrophotometer. This homogeneous “mix-and-measure” assay involves simply adding a single reagent to the phosphatase and measuring the product formation on an absorbance reader. The assay can be conveniently performed in cuvettes, tubes or multi-well plates at either room temperature or 37°