ExoQuick Plasma prep and Exosome precipitation kit (5 ml ExoQuick plus 500 ul Thrombin at 500U/mL) - 75 Reactions


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    A single kit optimizes exosome isolation from plasma by combining thrombin for de-fibrination with ExoQuick.

    • Saves time and labor
    • Is easily scalable
    • Conserves precious sample
    • Delivers high yields of functional, high quality exosomes
    • Can be used to isolate exosomes for a wide range of downstream applications, including
      Biomarker studies
      Exosomal miRNA profiling
      Exosomal proteomics
      Exosomal lipidomics/metabolomics
      Functional studies, such as in cell-to-cell signaling
      Basic biology, such as role in tumorigenesis