ExoQuick TC (exosome isolation from tissue culture media) - 10 mL

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    Exosomes are 60 –120 nm membrane vesicles secreted by most cell types in vivo and in vitro. Exosomes are found in blood, urine, amniotic fluid, malignant ascite fluid, tissue culture media and contain distinct subsets of microRNAs and proteins depending upon the cell-type from which they are secreted. SBI's ExoQuick-TC exosome precipitation reagent is a special polymer formulation distinct from the

    original ExoQuick reagent for serum. ExoQuick-TC has been optimized for exosome isolation from media and urine samples. This technology makes microRNA and protein biomarker discoveries simple, reliable and quantitative.

    Isolate exosomes with ease:

    • No time-consuming ultracentrifugation
    • Less expensive than costly DynaBeads
    • More effective than any other method
    • Use as little as 5ml of cell culture media or urine.