Viraffinity™ - Virus and Viral Component Isolation - 15 mL

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    Purifies whole infectious non-enveloped virus & non-infectious enveloped virus

    Prepares viral samples for subsequent detection and analysis

    Alternative or complementary to ultracentrifugation

    Viraffinity™ is a unique water-insoluble elastomeric polyelectrolyte that has been engineered for the capture and recovery of viruses. It is supplied as a suspension reagent ready for use. Applications include: purification of whole infectious non-enveloped virus, virions, viral components, and sample preparation for subsequent detection and analysis.

    Viraffinity™ is directly added to a pre-conditioned sample, is then mixed and centrifuged using standard micro-centrifuges (not ultra). The centrifuged pellet contains polyelectrolyte-bound viruses that can then be recovered using a moderately alkaline pH solution.