Sirius Red Total Collagen Detection kit

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    Sirius Red Total Collagen Detection kit

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    DESCRIPTION: Assay kit to quantify total collagen content in samples

    FORMAT: 96-well ELISA plate with removeable strips

    ASSAY TYPE: Colorimetric assay

    ASSAY TIME: 30 minutes

    STANDARD RANGE: 500 µg/ml to 8 µg/ml 

    NUMBER OF SAMPLES: Up to 40 (duplicate) samples/plate

    SAMPLE TYPES: Tissue homogenate, cell culture medium, and cultured cells 

    RECOMMENDED SAMPLE DILUTIONS: Varies depending on sample typ

    CHROMOGEN: N/A (read at 510-550 nm) STORAGE: -20°C for 12 months


    NOTES: This product is NOT the Sirius Red Total Collagen Detection Assay PLATE Kit (Cat # 9062P)